Welcome to Quark's place

Hi, my name is Peter Lager (aka Quark) and this site is a result of my main area of interest - computer programming and in particular, animation and simulation.

In December 2008 a friend introduced me to Processing. The beauty of Processing is that it makes programming accessible to novices and experts alike and encourages people to experiment and be creative. For me personally it brought back the fun and excitement I experienced when I first started programming as a hobby. I decided that Processing was a cause I would like to support.

If you are interested in or want to learn computer programming I suggest that you visit the Processing website and forum, also browse through sketches created with Processing.

Other sketches created by me.

The applets on this site are to demonstrate features available in my tools and libraries. If you are interested in seeing other applets I have created then have a look at my portfolio at OpenProcessing

quarks portfolio at OpenProcessing