Working with Dart

I have always been interested in creating animations for the web and in the past I used Java applets but for various reasons they are no longer popular and iare being replaced with HTML 5. For a traditional programmer like myself the obvious alternative was Javascript but I have never really liked it. The early days of trying to implement cross-browser was always a pain in the neck but things have improved, with the creation of frameworks such as jQuery.

So Javascript has matured into a very powerful language but using it to create complex applications is still a nightmare, its dynamic variable typing makes it very difficult to detect logic and potential runtime errors. Now thanks to those people at Google we have, Dart, a dynamically typed language but with optional data typing, giving the compiler options only available with a strongly typed language. Dart fully supports OOP and has a Java / C style syntax which is great for traditional programmers like me.

Dart examples

This part of the website will be devoted to displaying examples of my work with Dart. The source code for the examples may see a little naive / simplistic / un-optimised but then I am new to the language.

Note: At the moment the source code is not available but eventually I will make it available either on SourceForge or GitHub!