Applet Exporter and Signer for Processing 2

The advent of Processing 2 saw the end of the Export Applet function, which means that many sketches that use contributed libraries can no longer be displayed in a webpage. This tool is designed to fill that hole. It will will export any Processing sketch (including those using core and/or contributed libraries) as an applet provided the sketch:

  • was created with Processing V2.2.1
  • compiles and runs in JAVA mode
  • uses the default renderer, JAVA2D

Important Notes:

  • AppletMaker does not work with sketches using the P2D, P3D or OPENGL renderer..
  • AppletMaker is incompatible with Processing 3

As well as exporting an applet, the tool provides a very simple way of signing (self certifying) the applet.

Installing the tool

Select Add Tool from the Tools menu and select the AppletMaker tool.

If this does not work then you have to install it manually.